Fixing a typo in zlib.h

  • Hello I have found a typo in the zlib.h header when it is patched for Qt. Version 4.7.1.

    File src/3rdparty/zlib/zlib.h. Note the missing Q_ for the gzungetc function declaration.

    see below

    Where/how should I report this so that it can be changed in the main code base?



    ZEXTERN int Q_ZEXPORT gzgetc OF((gzFile file));
    Reads one byte from the compressed file. gzgetc returns this byte
    or -1 in case of end of file or error.

    ZEXTERN int ZEXPORT gzungetc OF((int c, gzFile file));
    Push one character back onto the stream to be read again later.
    Only one character of push-back is allowed. gzungetc() returns the
    character pushed, or -1 on failure. gzungetc() will fail if a
    character has been pushed but not read yet, or if c is -1. The pushed
    character will be discarded if the stream is repositioned with gzseek()
    or gzrewind().

    ZEXTERN int Q_ZEXPORT gzflush OF((gzFile file, int flush));

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