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Qt Creator Breakpoints : Good for 1 debug only

  • Hi,

    Whenever I use Qt Creator 's breakpoints, the breakpoints stop working after the 1st debug run.

    For example,
    Add breakpoint to line 5
    Run Qt Creator Debug
    breakpoint works
    quit program
    Then run Qt Creator Debug again
    This time, the breakpoint does not work.

    However if I add a New breakpoint, it works. So breakpoints are like, effective for only 1 debug run.
    I noticed that the breakpoints get hit if there is a little hour glass next to it prior to the debug run. But I'm guessing that only means that the breakpoint i!()!s new. Please let me know otherwise!

    I'm on OSX 10.9 , using Qt 4.8 (the project I'm debugging requires 4.8), Qt Creator 3.0.

    Many thanks. Everything in my life will be perfect if I can do proper breakpoint debugging in Qt Creator.

  • Hi,
    Breakpoints should stay active until removed, no matter how many times you run the program. The only reason a breakpoint might get usless is when you add code prior to the breakpoint and the breakpoint itself is set to no code at all.
    Maybe move your post to the Tools section of the forum! This is not really the place for it!

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