Enginio on Qt4

  • Hi,

    Is it possible to build enginio module for Qt4 ?
    Does it has strong Qt5 dependencies ?

    I'd like to target blackberry cascades (which is still in Qt4.8), N9 or old symbian devices also.


  • Building Enginio with Qt 4 is not possible since for example the whole JSON APIs are missing there. It is highly unlikely that there will ever be a Qt 4 port.

  • I second the request, a Qt4 version would definitly make sense, especially for BlackBerry 10/Cascades applications.

    What about making a simplified version without the JSON API or simply add an external JSON library as dependency? Another option would be to add Qt5Core and Qt5Network libraries to an existing Qt4 project (and start a Qt5 CoreApplication in a separate thread) but I have some doubts about the feasability of this approach.

  • As Frederik said it will not happen.

    In Qt4 you may consider to use QNetworkAccessManager and connect directly to the REST api.

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