Embedd UI form into mainwindow

  • Hi Folks,

    I would like to create a project that has a mainwindow with 4-5 same UI section. I thought that I create a new UI form and create the necessary instances into the appropriate section (there are QWidget object), but I don't know, how I do it...
    Can anyone help me?


  • You're question is not clear. What does it means "a mainwindow with 4-5 same UI section." ?

  • Hi,

    The concreate example: I would like to create a UI for a digital osciloscope. As you can see, there are 4-5-6... etc chanels, that are same. I thought that I have one mainwindow with one "display widget" that displays the measured signals and 4 insatnces of same UI form.
    But my problem is how can I embedd my costum widgets onto my mainwindow view?


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    You can use your channel widget just like any other widget from Qt's library. You can create a display widget that contains e.g. a QGridLayout and put your channels in it. Then set the display widget as central widget of your QMainWindow

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