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Black QMdiArea and QToolTip after upgrade 5.1 -> 5.2

  • Hi,

    After the recent update from 5.1 to 5.2 my application started to use black color as a default for QMdiArea background. I use Fusion theme under Linux.

    I know this is a default color and not set by me, cause I even checked it under "designer mode" of QtCreator and I placed brand new QMdiArea in the window and it has black background by default.

    I also noticed that tooltips of all widgets went black (white text on black background), which also wasn't like that in 5.1 (it was black text on yellow-ish background).

    While I handled QMdiArea (just set the background color manually), tooltips are just too much. Why would those colors (both QMdiArea and QToolTip) be changed for anyway?! They were just fine before.

    I would really like to avoid setting manual style sheets for that, cause I always assumed that Qt team knows better what colors are a good fit for each theme. In this case I think it's some kind of a bug and I wonder how can I fix it?

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    That sounds strange indeed. I can think of two cases here:

    Maybe your OS theme uses these colors ?

    A regression

    You can check the "bug report system": to see if something similar has been reported

  • Thanks for suggestions. I tried to compile and link the very same sourcecode into Qt 5.1 and then to 5.2 and the result is obvious - the 5.2 version causes tooltips to be black. Nothing else was changed, so it must be Qt version, right?

    I think the only thing I can do is to report a bug and hope it gets fixed. Or do you have any other ideas I might try?

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    Then probably yes, the next step is to create a simple compilable test application that shows the behavior difference (also to ensure that you didn't set something special somewhere in your application code that could trigger the bug and forgot about it)

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