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Any ready made *MKSPECS FILE* from Ubuntu 12.04 Users ?

  • Hi,
    I made a dumb windows with three buttons to change a text label.
    No DB use, nothing, very simple...

    Before going further I'd like to test the Compiling to produce a Desktop version for Xubuntu 12.10.
    (I m not too sure if this is called "compiling" or by another term under Qt5.)


    1. Is there other (X)Ubuntu users here that could provide me with a compiling configuration for Ubuntu 12.10 ?
      (At first I though Compiling woudl be just pressing a button but it seems you've got to make a special mkspecs file for your targeted plateform)

    2. In which final folder will my Linux-produced Desktop App be available at ?

    I've only be using Qt5 for few days (not to say ...hours)
    Thanks for helping in my very first steps

    Terrik !

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    1. You should no need any special mkspecs file, the ones coming with Qt are generally enough for desktop work.

    What version of Qt and Qt Creator are you using ?

    1. The folder is shown when configuring your project. You can also see it in the Project panel in Qt Creator

  • Hi,
    I'm using: Qt Creator 3.0.0 - Based on Qt 5.2.0 (GCC 4.6.1, 64 bit)

    1. Thanks for the folder's info.

    2. As, for the mkspecs use, I'm really confused here, since I read in the link of:
      That there is quite some pre-configuring work to do before beeing able to produce a simple Desktop app for Linux... So... do you mean that these info (link) are totally irelevant ? :(

    I'm about to consider learning a (Web) frameworks like Django since the expected easiness of Producing a simple Desktop app, is apparently not at the rendez-vous !
    What do you say ?

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    The link you are following only describes what it related to the deployment of an application not the building part. So which subject are you referring to ?

    Deployment doesn't use mkspecs files, it's only to build your application.

    Django is not suited for desktop application. It's used to build websites, not power desktop application.

    One question to answer before learning multiple frameworks is: what kind of application do you want to create ?

  • Yes, we are talking about creating the application file that will run by itself on any end-user Linux PC (with no Qt creator installed).

    [Quote] (I m not too sure if this is called “compiling” or by another term under Qt5.)

    *So this is building, we are talking about. *

    Indeed one can use both approcah to give end users access to a shared DB.
    -Website, or

    • Client-Desktop app. connecting to a web database

    Therefore - in that case - it mattesr what tool has the most intuitive approach to one, for at the end you end up coding either way you go.

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    As I said, for building purpose, you don't need any special mkspecs (at least for Desktop, embedded is another beast)

    A universal use on any linux application is a more complicated thing to have (look at Qt's installer, it works on most recent distribution but there's always some that are problematic).

    One good thing to do to get your application running on several distribution is to provide packages like deb files and rpm, you'll cover already a wide range of users

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