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[CLOSED] Why Is Qt3D Not Part of Official Qt 5.2.0 Build?

  • I realize the "web page": is old, but it states "If you're looking for Qt 3D on Qt 5, please check for a recent Qt 5 release or source package, as Qt 3D is now a Qt 5 Essential and ships as part of Qt 5 and the Qt SDK."

    However, the "web page": states "Installing Qt3D is quite easy. You have two options for installation, you may either download the current version of Qt and build Qt3D on top of this installation, or you may build both Qt and Qt3D from source."

    Why is Qt3d (including QtQuick3D/QML3D) not part of the official Qt 5.2.0 build?



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    AFAIK, Qt3d was not considered mature enough for official inclusion in 5.2, there's hard work done to try to get it in for 5.3

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    SGaist is right. There are many other modules out there which aren't mature enough for release either, like Qt Versit, Qt Location, Qt JSON DB, etc.

    Also, notice that the URL of your first link has the word "snapshot" in it. Snapshots are non-final and unreleased versions of the documentation, so what they say is not official (yet).

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