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A few problems about qt

  • Hello all,
    First of all, I am sorry for my bad English. :)

    I am newbie QT developer and forgive me.
    I am using two operating system on my computer: Win8 and Manjaro Linux and I am using QT in both.
    In Win8, everythin is ok. QT is great development environment. Ready to develop in Win8.

    But, in Manjaro, QT is little troubled. e.g. QT environment in Manjaro, slightly different from Win8.

    1. QT editor does not allow to editing any files. I am build and run the project but I can not editing any source files.
      What is the problem?
    2. And second, does not appear "QT GUI Application" tab in new projects window. But it seems in Win8. Is this a problem?
    3. In addition to, also the "design" window is different from Win8.

    Finally, I am using QT in Ubuntu Linux and it was same as in Win8. There was no different between the two. But in Manjaro, everyting is different.
    Hopefully, I could tell the problems.

    Best regards...

  • welcome to devnet

    according to "wikipedia Manjaro Linux": is still in its early stages. Which version are you using?

    In general I would suggest to go for a Ubuntu distribution. For learning Qt it should not make difference. Later on when Majora is more mature, it should not be a problem to port everything and run Qt on it.

  • Thanks for your reply.
    Manjaro version is 0.8.8.
    well, What do you say to Arch Linux? Does it work smoothly in Arch?

  • Sorry, I have only limited knowledge in linux. My main platform has been and still is windows. I have used OpenSuse for a while, but switched to Ubuntu when finding out that the graphics driver was working there directly on a thinkpad. So it was more rational decision than one based on philosophy on different ideas of linux distribution.
    In addition I did the complete compilation of Qt libs myself on these platforms. Compiling the version on the platform was easier than trying to get a pre-compiled version to run.
    However, AFAIK pre-compilations should be a real problem.

    Concerning your question: from looking up on wikipedia the version number respectively its history, it seems more mature. Therefore, I would prefer it over a distro in its beta stages, when going for setting up something for production.

    At the day's you need to decide where your priority is.
    When you like to learn about Qt and how to use, you have two platforms for checking and learning. This is one more than you absolutely require ;-)

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