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New platform for online collaboration kicks off Public Beta - check out Zeecrowd!

  • Would you like to create powerful online collaborative applications? With just a few lines of code? On a platform where users can access, install and share your applications in just a few clicks? Read on!

    Five years ago we had a simple idea: to create and provide a platform to facilitate online collaboration.

    The idea: create your own private secure network "a crowd", install applications from the store, invite people to join your "crowd" and everyone can connect and use the crowd's applications.

    For application developpers we wanted to ensure that it was as simple to transform existing single-user applications into multi-user applications as to develop collaborative applications from scratch.

    It was essential for us to provide an environment where developers don't have to worry about the complexity of the collaborative experience (managing user connections, messaging, notifications, resource sharing in the cloud, managing the deployment and distribution of applications, user group management, security issues, ...) which is the case, thanks to our powerful yet simple to use API.

    Three years ago we naturaly turned to Qt/QML when we started coding our client UI because of the richness of the Qt framework, the simplicity and mega power of the QML/Javascript combination and because we believe in Qt and where it's going.

    Thanks to this choice developers can now create new collaborative applications using the power of QML/JavaScript but also Qt/C++ with native plugins.
    There isn't any limit to what you can do and create in terms of appications and even collaborative games.

    So, after many long nights (really, many very long nights) of coding... the first Public Beta version of Zeecrowd is here!

    One simple post just isn't enough to let you know what our platform is really capable of.

    So, come and have a look for yourself!

    We offer a test environment which will allow you to create and test your applications online.

    Our QML API is not fully exposed yet but it already offers the possibility to exchange messages, share resources in the cloud and send/receive notifications.

    Our first tutorial "Hello world!" is available now on our website. We will be publishing many more tutorials over the coming days and weeks to help you understand our API.

    Go on, try it out! We are here to answer all your questions and guide you through the Zeecrowd experience.

    We are a team of passionate and motivated developers so let us know what you think and what you need.

    Merry Christmas!

  • Hello,

    Here's a quick update on what Zeecrowd have been up to recently.
    Zeecrowd now supports Qt 5.2 version. You need to download the client from the website to benefit from it. []

    Zeecrowd also integrates a new launcher that automaticaly updates the client when it detects a new version is available.
    The platform also installs the Qt framework. Meaning you can now develop Qt5.2 applications from the get-go. This new version of Zeecrowd allows for the development of applications in C++ (in addition to the ones in Qml) thanks to Qt plugin system.

    There's a tutorial available here : []
    There's also now a RSS flow on the developers part of the website.

    In the upcoming days we will often be updating the client and the store applications
    Indeed, Zeecrowd has been chosen as support for a school project.
    Zeecrowd brings a private and secure environement with a system of rights management for the members, inside the crowd but also inside the applications.
    Then, the students will be able to collaborate under the monitoring of the school's teachers for their project.

    We're still motivated to bring Zeecrowd for other platforms.
    The integration of TeamSpeak3 (eventually prefered to Mumble) is currently in study.

    Our internal applications, now on the store, will very soon be made available on github.

    Have a nice week

  • Sorry for the double post,
    We've also created a subreddit for zeecrowd : "/r/Zeecrowd":

    Feel free to check it out, every piece of news Qt-related and ZC-related is also posted there.

    Thank you

  • Hello,

    A new version of Zeecrowd is available. If you've already installed Zeecrowd then do not worry about it, it will auto-update. If not, it's all here :

    The new version brings two major features :

    The possibility to log things in a crowd. Specifically, if activated by an admin of the crowd, the text messages are logged (regardless of the application in which they originated) and available to the admin through the application CrowdLogs.

    This feature has been added in order for Zeecrowd to be used in a school environment, with crowds managed by school teachers.
    ! checkbox)!

    The addition of someone's personnal informations, per crowd. In every crowd, a user can now defines its own identity, personnal and work emails, and links to various social network.

    Thus, you are able to have different identities in different crowds.
    A new tutorial has been uploaded "here": It explains how to share resources between the participants of an activity.

    The ongoing developments are :

    • Support Zeecrowd on Linux
    • Integrate Qml components for TeamSpeak 3
    • Add tutorials, documentations and complete the reference API

    Best regards,


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