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Awesome slider by one Daniel Kuhne

  • Hello,
    I have a slider and a dial in my GUI. I want to change my Dial to a segment of 270 degrees with a look like the one by Daniel Kuhne in this video:

    How do I create the cool blue and yellow slider/dial?

    I am very new to Qt and totally clueless.

    Thanks for any pointers!

  • If you ask me, he has done one of two things:

    • subclassed the slider and done some redrawing in the paint event
    • used extensive use of stylesheet to get it to work (but that seems unlikely).
      My advice if your a noob at Qt, stick to standard Widgets first, get a handle on layouts etc and how Qt and QObject work. Then try to do a paintEvent and go from there.

  • OK. I will stick to the basics.

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