Syntax Question

  • ok im back again o.o this time its syntax...

    i have what i think is the precise class tree entry for something, but im not sure how to designate that i want to change that EXACT thing... im working with a QSS stylesheet in notepad, example bit from it is

    margin-top: 23px;
    the object im trying to change is i think

    Superclass: QAbstractSlider
    Parentclass: QSlider
    Classname: OptionsDialog
    objectname: opacitySlider

    EDIT: please use @-tags for code highlighting, Gerolf

  • Use function setObjectName() on your object called opacitySlider, for example

    and then in QSS file just put

    QSlider#opacitySlider { } ..

    EDIT: please use @-tags for code highlighting, Gerolf

  • i dont have access to the actual code file

    sweet, the latter part worked :O thanks! just got to try it out, was out driving and had access to the comp for only short periods xD

  • Hi kyanos,

    if you go through the "docs": you can find all the possible "selectors and selector types": .
    Hope those links help for the next time :-)

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