Removal of the "backend secret" from the API

  • Hello,

    The "backend secret" has been removed from the client API at some point between the 0.6 and the 1.0 release.
    Today it has apparently (?) been removed from the server as well, resulting in a HTTP 500 error when it's set in a connexion attempt.
    It would have been nice to have a notification of this change (in an email for instance).

  • Thanks for your notice.
    Recently I don't know why my program didn't work. I was using Enginio v0.5.

  • cid:52:privileges:purge

    Rest API still supports "backend secret". Enginio had some problems during christmas eve and that might have caused those 500 errors.

  • bq. Rest API still supports “backend secret”

    Indeed it still does, i've tested it. Must be a strange coincidence then.
    Thanks for the info !
    BTW if the service is down for several hours (as it was the case that day), a notification would be nice, too. Especially if the error code is not very informative.

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