Qt Training by Qt Certified Spelist and Qt Certified Develoer

  • Dear All,

    Greeting for PthinkS

    PthinkS specializes in advanced software development and research company in INDIA. We are working with few companies for the past 6 years in a very focused area. We do what “we know best. Nothing beyond”. Our focus is always been to provide highly professional and quality service.


    Services offer:
     Software Development Consultancy
     Trainings

    *Our expertise area
    • We have extensive experience with Qt Frame work, QML, OpenStack, Android Internals, & C++.
    • We are “Nokia Certified Qt Specialist” and “Nokia Certified Qt Developer” Organization.
    • We are software development organization working on Windows, Linux, Embedded Linux and real time operating system based on Frame work.
    • We provide architectural and design consultancy on Frame work.
    • We do technical training on “Cross platform Qt Frame work”.
    • Provide Internships and projects for M.Tec and MCA students on Niche areas.
    • Training and research on OpeanStack Cloud Computing.
    • We work on C++ foot print and memory optimization.
    • We do Qt software Testing on open source tool

    We have provided Development and training services on then above areas to “Nokia, Wipro, Cognizant, Siemens, ABB, NDS, LG Soft, L & T IES, IBM, Little More India, Tektronix, Visiontek, Orion scales and many more companies”.

    Kindly contact for free sample, Qt related issues or training.


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