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Deploying a Qt project with OpenCV

  • I'm having trouble deploying a Qt project that uses OpenCV. I followed the instructions given in the documentation "here": for creating an application package.

    The program will run until it encounters the first call to a OpenCV function then is simply quits, giving no error message - just terminates.

    I have included all OpenCV dll's in the same folder as the program but it doesn't seem to find them. Is there something else I need to do so my program can find the OpenCV dll's?

    Also, I can compile and run the program with no problems from the Qt Creator program IDE, only when I try to run the executable from outside the IDE does it not work.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Are you sure you are deploying the right OpenCV dlls (32/64bits, mvxc/mingw, release build) ? Also, are you sure that you are deploying all needed dlls ?

    Hope it helps

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