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Why distros don't have packages for QxOrm?

  • I plan to use an ORM with Qt for a Linux-only project and I found QxOrm quite interesting and fit for use. However, I found that no distro other than ArchLinux (AUR) has packages for QxOrm.

    This makes me suspicious, are there simply no Linux apps that use it and hence no packages? Or is there something (technical/legal issue) that is preventing distros to package it?

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    Generally for a distribution to provide packages for a given program/library, there must be someone that creates the package, test it, and maintain it. So if nobody stepped up for this task, there won't be. Its also best to be in contact with the authors of the code, there might be licensing issues etc...

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    QxOrm is licensed under GPLv3 ( ), so there should be no barriers for distros. I'm guessing that there are very few packages out there simply because the authors of QxOrm didn't submit packages. :)

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