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Socketcan in QTQuick

  • Does anyone has a sample or example of Socketcan in QTQuick without using qwt just a simple working one.
    I am trying to use it and develope a software for embedded linux system.

  • socketcan is like a regular socket - you can use a QSocketNotifier and the usual IO classes offered by Qt, that can deal with a socket descriptor. But as you don't want to use Qwt your question seems to be more about how to display CAN frames on a plot widget than how to get the frames.

    If you want to do something like a realtime plot I recommend to use C++ and one of the available plot packages ( f.e. Qwt ). Maybe this is not the direction you were asking for, but it should be by far the easier way, than trying to do it with QML yourself !


  • Where you able to find a solution for that? I am trying to understand the CAN network with SocketCAN and QT and Yocto. Will you be able to help? - Thanks.

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