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How to make QFileDialog a child of QQuickView (centered over its window)

  • Hello.

    I use Qt 5.2 and Qt Quick 2. The only window in my application is a QQuickView which is a subclass of QWindow, not of QWidget, so if I want to use in my app a QFileDialog (to give the user the option to save a file) I don't know how to set its parent to be the QQuickView. I know it would work without setting its parent, but if I set its parent, the dialog is centered over its parent window, and this is what I want. Otherwise this would not be a huge problem on its own, but on my system (Ubuntu 13.10) the QFileDialog sometimes appears under the QQuickView window and the only thing the user sees is a "flashing" taskbar item, and he also sees that the QQuickView does not react to mouse clicks (QFileDialog is modal).

    Thank you.

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