[SOLVED] MultiTouch ASSERT: "itemForTouchPointId.isEmpty()"

  • Hello,

    i have problems with Qt5.1.1 on an embedded linux device. When i use a MouseArea Element and i touch with multiple fingers on the display the programm aborts with the following message:
    ASSERT: "itemForTouchPointId.isEmpty()" in file items/qquickwindow.cpp, line 1617

    A single MultiPointTouchArea works fine. When there are more than one MultiPointTouchAreas on the screen the problem also occurs.

    What can i do to prevent this problem.


  • Hello,

    the Problem is already solved in Qt5.2.
    It was a problem with the linux touch support in qtbase/src/platformsupport/input/evdevtouch/qevdevtouch.cpp and not QtQuick.

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