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Can I mix qt5.1 with qt 5.2 in Qt Creator to get access to Qserial from QT 5.1 while using latest QT5.2 and Creator3.0?

  • I searched the forum for "mix qt5.1 with qt 5.2 in Qt Creator" and did not see this addressed.

    After exstensive research on the migration of serial classes from a 3rd party add-on in QT5.1 I was mystified that it is not included in QT5.2.

    So is there a way to build apps in the latest QT / Creator version that utilize the QSerial from 5.1?

    I am not quit able to follow the instructions to get the source, compile and configure it to "add it" to the latest QT environment, and I would prefer to use an/the existing build.

    Thank in advance.


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    Where did you get this 3rd-party add on from?

    Qt 5.1 AND Qt 5.2 officially include the Qt Serial Port module: -- would you consider using this instead?

  • Hi,

    I've seen your link and many other that state it's in QT5.2.
    Strangely it isn't in mine.

    I downloaded QT5.1 to get it and it is the official QT Serial Port Module,

    I installed the Ubuntu Touch SDK for QT about a month or so ago, which is QT5.2 and QT Creator 2.8.1. The Qt Serial Port module is not there.

    Perhaps I got a beta or pre-release?

    Sounds like I should get the latest again with the expectation it will be there, huh.

  • If you use the provided online installer then QtSerialPort is an option you need to find and add if memory serves.

    You can use Qt Creator 3.0 to develop with any Qt4 or Qt5 versions.

  • OK I'll see if I can get it to be included.

    My trouble has been wanting to create apps that use QT5.2 QtWidgets and QML, and then on top of that the missing QtSerialPort in my Qt5.2

    I'm starting to see some signs this may just work afterall.


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    AFAICS, this is the latest news on the Ubuntu SDK, which says it's still in Beta stage:

    It is possible that features are missing. If you can't find it by following ChrisW67's hint, I recommend you ask the "Ubuntu developer community":

    Note: I know that if you get Desktop Qt from the Ubuntu Software Center you need to install modules separately (e.g. qtbase5-dev, qtdeclarative5-dev, qtmultimedia5-dev, etc.). Unfortunately, the Ubuntu package names don't correspond to Qt module names (instead, they correspond to "Qt's git repositories": I don't know how they've structured the Ubuntu SDK.

  • Looking for the QSerialport module on git I see only source code.

    My Qt5.1 install has the module compiled.

    Where can I find the QT5.2 Qserial module and how do I add it to and existing qt5.2 install?

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    Where can I find the QT5.2 Qserial module and how do I add it to and existing qt5.2 install?

    You can found all "here": . To install QtSerialPort you must select an "add-on" checkbox.

    I don't know about availability of the QtSerialPort package on Ubuntu, but you can build it manually. Just open project file from the QtCreator and build it (with use a desired Kit's configuration, e.g. for 5.2.0). And next, open the console and change directory to the shadow build directory of QtSerialPort, and next, enter "sudo make install".

    Or you can create a *deb package.. But it is beyond this subject.

    Or you can wait while this package will be available on Ubuntu.. :)

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    [quote author="cwpjr" date="1387756376"]Where can I find the QT5.2 Qserial module and how do I add it to and existing qt5.2 install?[/quote]The same way you did it for Qt 5.1, really.

    Please give details:

    How did you install Qt 5.1?

    How did you install Qt 5.2?

  • The way I got a QT5.1 installed, with it's own QtCreator and Qserial already included was from:


    It was an offline .run install.

    I'll try the 5.2 version next!

  • In the 5.2 Online Installer the compiled serial port stuff is installed in the:
    Qt -> Qt 5.2.0 -> compiler -> Add-On modules
    group and its corresponding source is in the:
    Qt -> Qt 5.2.0 -> compiler -> Source Components -> Add-Ons -> qtserialport

    (Substitute the relevant value for compiler)

  • So I installed (for my setup) the and I have QtCreator 3.0, Qt5.2 and the add-on's I need.


    Cheers, Clyde

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