Location Based Alarm

  • Hi!

    I am completely new to developing, with or without Qt.

    I want to make a simple application that plays a tone when the phone is in a range of a gps coordinate.

    The concept is simple - yet I have no idea whatsoever how to get started.

    I have read some of the introductory Wiki's on Qt - yet I'm missing out much since I have never worked with C++.

    I'm consistent and a fast learner, please direct me as to how to tackle this concept!

    Thanks in advance,


  • First of all you have to learn C++ and Qt (you can find very good books "here":http://developer.qt.nokia.com/wiki/Books_and_Links_for_learning_C_and_advanced_topics). If you are experienced with Python you can also try pyside.

    After that you have to look into Qt Mobility's features which actually can provide you the basic location based functions on which you can build more complex solution using Qt.

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