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[solved] Collision detect of items doesn't work or suported in Quick 2.0!

  • Hi all!

    First, I know there are a lot of threads posted about that topic. I have read all, also googled and spent a lot of time - without any success :-(

    I use Qt 5.2 with Quick 2.0 to implement a very simple game. There are some items placed in the main view (collectables). Then there is a dragable item (catcher) which you can dragging around the main view. Always when the catcher collids with a collectable I want to recognize that. THAT'S ALL what I want!

    *Please guys: *
    Don't tell me yet there are a lot of 3rd party libs available like Box2D or you can do that all with JS! No comments, only facts/examples please! I have read too much threads without any results - only trash talk, no solutions.

    Earlier in an older application I used the Graphics Framework which is behind the Quick 1. There is a QGraphicsItem class with collidingItems() method. Great! But since Quick 2 the complete render system changed to OpenGL and what ever. The new corresponding class QQuickItem doesn't have any such colliding methods.

    I think it's very poor if such a greatful, complex framework like Quick 2 doesn't support that elementary functions like collison detects. That throws Quick back to the dark age.

    Ok, I can change back to Quick 1 but the docs says: Newer applications should use Quick 2.
    Or is going back to Quick 1 actually the best way? How is the port of Quick 1 to Android?

    Have anybody a simple, clear suggestion how I can implement a collision detect in Quick 2?

    I tried something like that in JS where x, y comes from the dragable item (iterating about all childs):

    @function collisionDetect(x, y) {

    for (var i; i < mainView.children.length; i++) {
    var item = mainView.children[i]
    if (item.contains(x, y) && item.objectName == "collectable")

    But the contains() returns always true! What a f...!
    I have tested it with a global MouseArea, catched in onClicked the position and passed it also to contains(). The same: Always true! But the point is definitly outside the item!

    Thanks for any answers.

  • See

    It a bug in Item.contains() :-(

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