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A problem about QGraphicsTextItem

  • Hello everyone , I'm new here. And I'm sorry that I don't good at English.
    In the demo in example/widgets/graphicsview/digramscene, it is a program for creating simple diagrams. One of features is inserting a DiagramTextItem, which is a subclass of QGraphicsTextItem, and you can type some text in it. But if you want to modify the text, you have to first double click the item, then click on the cursor again (although there is already a cursor after your double-click, it dosen't work when you press a key). I think this behavior is really strange, do you have a solution? My Qt version is Qt5.2 64 bit on linux.
    Thank you for attention.

  • Add a " setFocus(Qt::MouseFocusReason);" to DiagramTextItem::mouseDoubleClickEvent()

  • Oh,thank you very much.

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