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5.2 update method

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm fairly new to the Qt user community and have been running 5.1.1w/mingw on windows, and Linux. What is the preferred update method when moving to Qt 5.2? I suspect that a complete windows uninstall of 5.1.1 is necessary because it is installed in its own 5.1.1 directory. Is the same true for Linux installations.

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    Did you use the Online installer? If so, open MaintenanceTool.exe, run "Update Packages", followed by "Package Manager" to install a new version.

    If you had used an Offline installer, then you'll need to download another installer for Qt 5.2.

    With both methods, you can leave Qt 5.1.1 in your system if you want. Note: Using the offline installer will give you 2 copies of Qt Creator in your system.

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