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Cant get QtVSAddin to work with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

  • So I am following the directions provided by Qt project website, and I am on the last step which reads,

    "Open the Qt4VS2003\Qt4VSAddin folder, and copy Qt5VSAddin.AddIn and the Release directory to your VS Addins folder – by default this is “%USERPROFILE%\Documents\Visual Studio 2012\Addins”, but this can be changed under Tools->Options->Environment->Add-in Security. Rename Release to something meaningful (like Qt5VSAddin, since it goes with the addin).

    Open Qt5VSAddin.AddIn in your favorite text editor, and find the Version tag. Change it to the version appropriate for your VS version – 2008 is 9.0, 2010 is 10.0, and 2012 is 11.0. Find the Assembly tag and change it to reflect the location of the Qt5VSAddin.dll file within the binary folder, i.e. Qt5VSAddin\Qt5VSAddin.dll.

    Go back to Visual Studio, and open Tools->Add-in Manager. Select the addin and restart VS. You should now have a QT5 menu, to the right of VIEW."

    My first question is it refers to "binary folder" and Qt5VSAddin.dll? Not sure exactly what binary folder they are referring to, but I found Qt5VSAddin.dll in my Debug folder. For some reason the instructions make it seem like it should of automatically been put in my Release folder...but it was not. Either way, I copied the one found in the Debug folder to same directory(“%USERPROFILE%\Documents\Visual Studio 2012\Addins”,) as my Qt5VSAddin.AddIn file. I changed my version, and left the Assembly tag alone as both files are in the same directory, and the assembly tag already reads <Qt5VSAddin.dll> however when I go to Tools->Add-in Manager and select my Qt Add on I get that the system cannot find the file specified, error 8007002. It doesn't state which file it cant find, but I would assume its the .dll...which is clearly there....any ideas or suggestions?

    1. why are you using "hard" way of self-compiler, i'd prefer to just use installer from ;
    2. had dll any unresolved symbols? check with dependency walker or similar program;
    3. installing any other addin works?

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