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Is QFile fully supported on Android and iOS?

  • I am new to the QT community but experienced in C++ development. I have tried to ask this question but I believe that I am not phrasing it right. Here is my latest attempt.

    I am working on a proof of concept and I have several questions about the mobile versions that I assume are all true but I wanted to get feedback.

    Is QFile fully supported on Android and iOS?

    Can I write to QFile or is it available only as a read-only part of my distribution?

  • Hi, Nathaniel.
    Your question partially answered at this topic:

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    Yes it is, but mobile platforms have other rules regarding access to the underlying file system. Thus you won't be able to write in every place on your device. QDesktopService/QStandardPaths (Qt4/Qt5) will give you the folders where you can access files

  • Hi.
    About Android I use QFile class a lot there and i have no problem at all, for now everything works just as good as on linux or windows, write, read, copy, setpermissions etc.

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