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Qt 5.1.1 and retina display in QGLWidget on Mac: 1/4 of the size!

  • Hello,

    since Qt 5.1.1 (previously Qt 4.7.4), my application displays wrong sized openGl content in a QGLWidget, on Mac retina. Is this a known issue? Or is the Retina display not correctly detected on my system?

    I am using a QMainWindow, inside of which I have a Splitter (vertical): the upper part shows the QGLWidget (wrong size, basically 1/4 of the surface), the lower part shows a QPlainTextEdit (correctly displayed):

    in the QMainWindow constructor:

    openglWidget=new QGLWidget ();
    splitter=new QSplitter(Qt::Vertical);
    statusBar=new QPlainTextEdit();

    Any idea what is going on, or any idea of a workaround?


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