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    Hi all,

    Have you ever tried to use Google to search the Qt documentation? Perhaps you wanted to look up a Qt feature during development, or to find a link to back up your post in this forum. I do both of these a lot, but often get poor results -- pages based on Qt 4.7 or Harmattan development are displayed more regularly than pages based on Qt 5.2.

    Enter Qt Doc Search, a little extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox that makes searching more pleasant. It lets you quickly search the official Qt docs, while telling Google to only return results for a particular Qt version.



    How do I use it?
    Type [q] [d] [space] into the address bar, then enter your search term. Done.

    To choose a different Qt version, click on the Qt button next to the address bar.

    What about other browsers?
    I have no plans to support other browsers at the moment, mainly because I don't use them and don't know how to write extensions/plug-ins for them.

    However, feel free to study the source code and make your own extension. The important file is background.js.

    Why [q] [d] [space]?
    Because this combination lets me comfortably initiate a search using just one hand.

    [EDIT, 2016-03-20: Removed references to Doc Notes and other Chrome extensions, which were only valid for the old qt-project.org site -- JKSH]
    [EDIT, 2018-01-25: Added support for Firefox, and various search engines! -- JKSH]

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    A version for Mozilla Firefox is now available! https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/qt-documentation-search/

    Also, you can now choose from a variety of search engines. The default is now DuckDuckGo, the search engine that doesn't track you.

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    v1.2.0 released. New features:

    • Added ability to automatically open the top search result (thanks, @VRonin!)
      • Google's "I'm Feeling Lucky"
      • DuckDuckGo's "Ducky"
    • Added ability to search the documentation of Qt for Python and tools like Qt Creator, Qt 3D Studio, GammaRay, etc.
    • Added ability to choose whether to open results in the current tab or a new tab

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