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[RESOLVED] QDoubleSpinBox not displaying the whole number when converted to a QString

  • Hi,

    Quick question, I have a QDoubleSpinBox set to 4 decimal places and a max of 1000.000000, the weird thing is that if I enter number 123.4567 and then convert the value into a QString I get "123.457" it basically rounds up the last two digits and displays only 7 digits instead of 8.

    Any idea why?

    This is what I have:

    @// number entered in the doubleSpinBox 123.4567

    QString numAsString = QString::number(ui->doubleSpinBox->value());
    qDebug()<<"Number:"<< numAsString;// this outputs "123.457"
    qDebug()<<"Number Length: "<< numAsString.length();// this outputs 7 instead of 8@


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    You don't set the format when creating your QString so you will get a number formated as "g" and with a precision of 6. QString::number can't know how you configured your QDoubleSpinBox.

    If you want the text from the spin box directly, you should rather use cleanText()

  • Make sense now. Cool, I didn't know about cleanText().

    Thanks a lot for your help!

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