QWebView can't open a link twice in a short time

  • I use QWebView to load a web page.
    That page have an attachment link like:

    <a href="#" target="_blank">open</a>
    the a link has onclick code is :
    donwload_attchs('func.aspx?groupid=mail&act=getattch&TOPIC_GUID=3c9fdaef3e4a40ffb38ca0e09ba77ade&POST_Local=0&name=tmp.png&isopen=1', this.target);return false;

    It just open a new tab to load a png image file. And it work fine in chrome browser.
    When I click it first time, it work fine! And then I click it , it just no response, after 5 times click, it will work fine again.

    I can't understand why it work like that.
    Does anyone can help me to fix it?
    Thanks in advance!

  • I try a lot of times.
    Found that after I click the link it will be fail to response another click until I double click the page it will be fine again.

    I use qt 4.8.5

  • I try to switch to Qt5.2, it work great. So maybe the Qt4.8.5 's javascript engine not so good.

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