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Build Qt5 for blackberry 10 in Windows 8.1

  • Hello,

    It is now about days I'm trying to compile brand new Qt5.2.0 to Blackberry OS 10 (and brand new Z10 phone).
    I'm trying to follow this guide: "":
    Getting source from git is ok, then it fails at the configure step...

    Basically I do following step:

    1. Open MSVC2010 command promp (same result with MSVC2012)

    2. Load blackberry environnement, by running batch file of BBNDK : @d:\bbndk-bb10\bbndk-env_10_2_0_1155.bat@

    3. Try running configure: @configure -prefix c:\Qt5\5.2.0\bb10bin -xplatform blackberry-armle-v7-qcc -opengl es2 -nomake examples -nomake tests -opensource -confirm-license -release -openssl@

    And it fails with following obscure error:
    @NMAKE : fatal error U1065: invalid option '-'@

    What is wrong with the procedure, it is not possible to build from MSVC ?


  • Well, you can use QT Online Installer, and in settings can setup Blackberry NDK on QT Creator

  • I don't think you are supposed to use visual studio to cross-compile Qt to blackberry. Instead you should use the build tools from the blackberry SDK.

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