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Platform independent, Qt solution to IPC

  • Hi Folks,

    I architect a new project that will works on lots of datas. I thought that I will use shared memory to send those data from ProcessA to ProcessB but I will need many control signals which will only "void foo()" like methods or they will have to send one or two enums as command parameters.
    I used and I like to Signal-Slot solution from the Qt but if I know well, this works only between threads and one embedded solution from Qt supports its extension between processes.

    My question is: what is your suggestions to use to signaling the processes each other? I am looking for an operating system independent solution that is available or solvable in Qt but independent from the target OS (Windows / Linux).


  • "Here are a couple examples of inter process communication":

  • Hi,

    thank you for your reply, but:

    • shared memory seems me to it is not realy for sending and receaving commands
    • D-Bus protocol is Linux or Unix like only
    • Qprocess seems to me that it provides only support for connect signals and slots each other in same process
    • Session management is Linux only

    Maybe, the TCP/IP socket will be good but like shared memory: I think that it is better for sending datas. Is any solution to invoke into another lib of another process?


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    You might be interested by "QxtRPCService":

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