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Qt 5.2.0: no qmake for LInux dev ?

  • I just downloaded '' onto Debian 3.2.51 32-bit on a PC, and installed it.
    This is labelled on the Download page as 'Qt Online Installer for Linux 32-bit'.
    Now I can't find a normal 'qmake'. I also see that there is a lot of Android-related stuff installed, and a qmake
    which seems clearly intended for Android development. Am I missing something ? I just want to do normal
    Qt development on Debian.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    What do you mean you can't find a normal qmake ? On your system ? What version of Qt did you choose when running the installer ?

  • If I type 'qmake' in the terminal window its says 'command not found'.
    If I search I find '/opt/Qt/5.2.0/android_armv5/bin/qmake' which gives Android-related warnings when I try it.
    On the installer window I selected 'Qt 5.2.0' and 'Tools'.
    Would I have got a different result if I had selected 'Qt 5.0.2' or '5.1.0' ?
    Obvs I could read the release notes, but some quick guidance would help !

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    That's normal, the installer won't alter your system settings, so you have to use the full path to qmake if you want to use it or update your .profile/.bashrc to add your newly installed qmake path to PATH.

    What did you exactly select before installing ?

  • I selected 'Qt 5.2.0' and 'Tools' from the options in the Installer.
    I'm still surprised at the fact that 'qmake' gives Android-related warning
    messages. It certainly seems that I've got a Qt development system
    oriented to Android cross-development, rather than development for
    my Debian system. Viz the location of the 'qmake' that I am running, which
    seems to be the only one installed.

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    What does "find /path_to_Qt_install_folder -name qmake" return ?

  • '/path_to_Qt_install_folder': No such file or directory

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    "path_to_Qt_install_folder" means: replace this text by the path to your actual Qt install folder

  • I thought it might !


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    /opt/Qt/5.2.0/gcc/bin/qmake is the one to use for host development

  • OK, Thanks. What's the recommended way to configure this e.g. just add it to my PATH ? Or should I export a QT setting ?
    Thanks for the help, BTW.

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    If you are using Qt Creator it should already been configured, if not, just add that version of Qt in the preferences and make a Kit with it.
    If you want to run it from the command line, I would recommend using the full path, so you're always sure of which version of qmake you are using (you could also have the system qt dev tools installed)

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