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Trolltech Qtopia and Friendly ARM

  • Please forgive me if I am in the wrong forum. I have just purchased a Friendly ARM Mini2440 development board. The board is based on Linux 2.6.29 with Qtopia 2.2.0 desktop. It seems that Trolltech was supporting development for that product, but somewhere along the way support was dropped or else I have not gone down the correct path. I would like to find the migration path from the original Trolltech product to the latest version of QT Embedded (hopefully QT 4.6) which supports that board.

    I guess I am just surprised because, while I can find many websites where people are struggling to get QT 4.6 working on their Mini2440 boards, I can find no mention of it on the QT website.

    Please direct me to any support forums on this website which can help me get information on using the latest QT tools for my Mini2440 board, or else direct me to another version of QT Embedded which is compatible. I would even consider changing to another hardware platform if this is what would be required to use the latest development tools. Thanx to all in advance.

  • As you have guessed, we no longer officially support Qtopia. The last released version was named Qt Extended 4.4.

    While you may not have found any info specifically related to your board, this is not that strange because Qt doesn't contain anything specific to a particular hardware board. Qt supports the ARM architecture you are using as well as your kernel version so that is most likely enough. Assuming that you have a working cross-compiler installed on your host PC, then the next step is to download and cross-compile Qt Embedded using the device's toolchain. I recommend starting here:


    Getting things like the touchscreen working may require some tinkering, but you might be able to find some code for this in the Qtopia package released by the manufacturer. It could be as simple as porting their Qt 2 based code to Qt 4.

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