Qt 5.2.0 static permissions error

  • I am not able to run programs from Qt Creator, I am always getting error:

    @Starting C:\path\to\executable\program.exe...
    Failed to start program. Path or permissions wrong?
    C:\path\to\executable\program.exe exited with code -1@

    It happened after I built Qt statically. What I did: Installed Qt 5.2.0 with MinGW from official site (including source component), then installed Python 2.7.6 and Perl. Then built Qt statically from path\to\qt\5.2.0\Src and it showed no errors. After this everything was fine. But when I added new path to qmake.exe (in Qt Versions tab, Build & Run Options section) and added new Kit (Kits tab) with this version I started getting this error. Moreover, now all .exe files have yellow shield near the icon in the Explorer (no matter they were built statically or not). It means that they use administrative privileges, but before I added new Kit executables had no yellow shield! For statically built programs it is fine that Creator can't run them because of administrative privileges that the use, but what happened to dynamically linked programs? I didn't touch any other settings except for adding new Kit.

    I am using MinGW on Windows 8.1, qt was configured with this line:
    @configure.exe -release -opensource -c++11 -static -no-opengl -no-angle -no-vcproj -platform win32-g++ -nomake examples -nomake tests@

  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • heeeeeeeeeeeelp

  • Are using Windows? Try running the "QT" with administrator permissions, just to test.

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