Building Qt-5.2.0 on RHEL-6.4 (64bit) from Source or Upgrade Development Tools of RHEL?

  • Hi,
    As I know, Qt-5.2.0-linux-64bit-offline installer is NOT meant for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)-6.4 (but for Ubuntu). What is the right and easy option to get Qt-5.2.0 working on RHEL-6.4:

    a. Build it from source of Qt-5.2.0? or
    b. Upgrade development base (gcc and other libraries) of RHEL-6.4 (64 bit) so that I can install Qt from installer? (Is it possible this way?)

    If I have to build Qt from source, what options should I go with? My primary requirement is: static and shared mode, release and debug mode, multimedia support. Do I need to download third party (required) libraries and build them from source too to integrate with Qt?

    Please help me in this regard.


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