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Qt Creator: What is PkgConfigTool used for?

  • Hi,

    I've sort of asked about this before, but apparently I used the wrong words or something, as I only got completely unhelpful answers about how to set up qmake files or whatever. So I thought I might try again:

    In the QtCreator sources, under plugins/genericprojectmanager I notice that a class PkgConfigTool is defined. Definition source code:

    Does anyone know what this class is intended for? Is it actually used?

    I was rather hoping that it somehow implemented special support for projects that use plain, old make in combination with the pkg-config tool, but I don't see any sign of this in the GUI.

    I have a couple of projects like that, and I can get Qt Creator to work reasonably well with them via GeneralProjectManager, but it would be even better if I could tell the system about packages, and not just files and directories.

    And just to make it absolutely clear: I'm not talking about setting up .pro files or "Qt Projects" in Qt creator, or the pkg-config support of qmake. I mean, I guess I might use that but:

    I already have a build setup that works rather well, do I prefer not messing around with it.

    Quite frankly, I prefer managing Makefiles directly - I just feel that it gives me more control and makes the setup cleaner than using a "pre-make" step like qmake. Not that this does not serve a purpose, but in a sense, the problems it would solve are mostly solved already when I'm using pkg-config...

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    That class is internal to the general project manager, so it can only be used there. It does indeed seem to be unused though. I was actually not aware of that class till now, so I am pretty sure that there is nobody actively looking into it at this time.

    Patches to improve the situation are -- as always -- welcome:-)

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