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Congrats to Qt 5.2.0 Team

  • I have been involved with all aspects of the software development lifecycle for many years and have only been involved with Qt for less than 3 months. When I look at the discussions in the groups and forums, use Qt and Qt Creator and see all the work that has been done by the "development team" on Qt 5.2.0, I just want to say JOB WELL DONE! I am certainly pleased that I am working with such a professional group and am looking forward to the product's evolution.



  • I'm new too with Qt and I agree. Great tool.

    In fact, I tried Qt 10 years ago maybe more... but abandonned it. I had looked a little bit at gtk and abandonned it too... I learned java and swing-x UI and used it for some years.

    When I give a try to Qt 4.8, I was impressed. And I renew with C++ my favorite language. I saw that is now as fast as java to developp in C++ with Qt and found a lot of API and libraries.

    I love the cross-plattform IDE and result code. I developp on Linux but my app is mostly used on Windows.

    I will try soon the Android version...

    Thanks to developpers and community of Qt.

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    When Qt 5.0 was released I had a feeling it's way too soon, but now with 5.2 things are really looking good.

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