QWizard Commit button font size bug??

  • Win7 64 - Qt 5.2 MSVS2012 32bit

    I can't seem to be able to change Commit and Finish button sizes in QWizard subclass' constructor.

    like so:

    QFont font = button(QWizard::CommitButton)->font();

    This works for Next and Back buttons and it used to work for all the buttons in 5.1.1 but Commit and Finish refuse to cooperate in 5.2. Can anyone confirm ? Could this be a bug?

    As a side note the Wizard class and form are generated from File->New File or Project menu.

  • Alright I'll take that as a yes then :)

    As a last resort i'm now using SetStyleSheet so I don't have to revert to 5.1.1.

  • You should be able to manipulate the buttons at the moment the buttons actually become relevant. I don't think the button objects exist at other moments.

  • They do exist as I can change their size, disable them, make them invisible plus like I said setStyleSheet works only thing that doesn't is setFont and only on those buttons. And just to make sure if I try to call set font from relevant page's initializePage method still nothing happens. This simply doesn't work for commit and finish buttons in 5.2. Most definitely seems like a regression.

  • Ok, so file a bug report.

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