Is it possible to make compiled VS2010 library to work with qt

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    I'm writing a GUI program which is going to grab video frames from a camera and fuse it with other information from other sensors and radars to detect moving objects ... I'm writing my code in Linux ....
    the problem is that the camera company has provided the compiled library only for VS2010. It's obvious that they will not work on my qt project. But I wonder if there's any way to apply it in my project in Linux (using some cross compilers or ....) .... I have to continue writing my code in Linux so I can't move to windows just for this problem ...

    I'm in a hurry and I'd be pleased to know if there's any solution to this problem ....

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    You can't use Windows libraries in Linux. Depending on your requirements, you could make a compromise and use something like wine to acquire the data using this library and use some form of IPC (e.g. client/server architecture) to send the data to your linux host.

    Hope it helps

  • thanks... you mean by using Wine project I can use my .lib in linux ? I don't have access to the source codes and I think that wine needs to have access to the source codes in order to create something usable in linux ..

    and I didn't understand the second part of your answer (use some form of IPC) ... what is that ? would you please explain just a bit more ?

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    No, what i meant is that you could write a little program that would get the data you need from the camera, and then send them on the linux side for further processing.

    IPC = Inter Process Communication

    You have several examples in Qt's documentation. In your case, you would probably need a TCP client/server model.

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