QDoubleSpinBox Slow to Interact with in QDialog

  • I created a QDialogBox with a QDoubleSpinBox, an accept button, and a reject button, and everything works as I would expect except for the fact that the QDoubleSpinBox is very slow to interact with. I can usually select a QDoubleSpinBox, hold the up or down key or scroll with the mouse wheel, and the value of the QDoubleSpinBox will change quite smoothly.

    Is there something special about a QDialogBox that prevents smooth scrolling through numbers in a QDoubleSpinBox?

    For reference I am using Qt version 4.8.5 on OS X Mavericks. I'm happy to share code if that will help debug.

    Thank you for any tips!

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    No it should not, could you post a little example code that shows the behavior ?

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