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  • Hi Everyone!

    I have a very newbie level question, so please bear with me. I am GPGPU programmer mainly adept with C++ and OpenCL (and OpenGL), and as unfortunate as my fate is, I am bound to develop and maintain a website of my own. (Unfortunate not because web developing is not glorious enough for my taste, but because I am just one man, who can only accomodate as much experience, and I know that a skilled web developer could do a hell of a lot better job at it, than I can.) I have learned the basics of HTML and CSS, and have put together a simple "website":http://gpu.wigner.mta.hu/index.html that is on the verge of me daring to give a link to it. (English translation is on the way, right now you can navigate through it in Hungarian, as only the main page is translated.)

    Anyhow... Since I have been aiming to shift my widget based OpenGL application to QML and making use of Quick Components (if that's the correct name for it) to give it that 'dektop' feel, I was wondering if it were possible to recycle the time put into learning QML and develop a simple, somewhat static website in QML, and export it somehow to HTML and JS.

    I have found this "thread":http://qt-project.org/forums/viewthread/4347/P30 thread but my knowledge is not enough to tell if this is what I'm looking for or not. Currently I'm developing using Microsoft Expression Web 4, but the sole biggest feature I use it for is templating my pages.

    I was wondering if it were enough if I need only master one high-level UI (QML) language instead of three (QML, HTML, CSS) to do all my work. I am only one person, and my mind is limited, therefore I would not like to stuff it with redundant lexical knowledge. Can I do both GUI applications and webpages in solely QML?

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