Assertion failed

  • Hi. I have a very simple Sql query

    query.prepare("select FIO from inspectors where FIO=:FIO");

    When it is executed I get this error:
    Assertion failed!

    When I change my Sql statement to
    @"select id from inspectors where FIO=:FIO"@

    the error is gone.
    So, what is the problem?Thanx a lot!

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    and which assert is hit? What's it's condition?

    Also IMO your first query doesn't make much sense :)

  • Expression: param->buffer_length!=0
    I just check if I already have a record with this FIO. At the beginnig my query was
    @select *from inspectors where FIO=:FIO@

    But i still had this mistake.And only when I change it to

    @select id from inspectors where FIO=:FIO@

    it works fine

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    select from inspectors where FIO=:FIO
    You are missing a space after the "

  • I'm very sorry. I wrote it wrong only here. In my programm the query is correct=)

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    may it be possible that text.trimmed() results in an empty string in your application?

  • No, it is impossible....May it be connected somehow with the fact that one of the fields in my db has got type TEXT?

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