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Help. How do i do this?

  • Hi all. Hope i get replies than i did before.

    I don't know if this is the right place to ask this but i'll ask anyway.

    Sometime in the future (not so far future), i'll start creating a game engine. It'll be based on the ogre3d engine.
    I'm a windows guy and i like what directx11 does. The problem is qt uses opengl but it's also open source.

    This is a part of what i intend on integrating into ogre 3d to make a full game engine:


    1. Physx + source code for physics engine
    2. Beam Ng (car physics and by the time it's completed, everthing PS: I contacted them)
    3. Custom physics engine for the game engine (combination)
    4. Havok Physics, Havok Cloth etc.
    5. ODE
    6. Bullet


    1. Fmod Studio

    Graphics Renderer:

    1. The base which is Ogre 3d

    Game Engine Camera:

    1. All views

    Asset creator:

    1. Blender
    2. Zbrush
    3. Gimp

    Graphical Interface/API:

    1. DirectX
    2. Open GL (...)


    1. Windows PC
    2. Others


    1. C++ (obviously)
    2. Lua as scripting language

    Genre of games for engine:

    2. Racing
    3. FPS (maybe)


    1. Custom AI for engine (combination)
    • Character AI
    • NPC AI
    • Enemy AI etc.
    1. Universal AI Kit from torque (i'll just use it to as a reference for creating mine)
    2. Tactical AI Kit from torque (reference also)
    3. Havok AI


    1. Ogre 3d

    World Size supported by engine:

    1. Large worlds up to 10km x 10km.

    Loading Screens:

    1. For open world- NONE
    2. For Levels: Maybe


    1. Ragdoll physics
    2. Motion Capture support
    3. etc.

    I've not yet downloaded qt, trying to evaluate how i'm going to download such a large program.
    At the moment, i'm using vc++ and it does be able to do what i want or i may not just really know how to use it.

    I really need to be able to design the gui, and i don't thing vc++ can allow me that pleasure without killing me.

    I know making this engine is going to take a considerable amount of time but at least, i have a plan. I am not making the engine to learn game creation so i already know about the "create games, not engine" article. Rather, i'm creating the engine to create a game because no engine gives the functionality i need even though two came very close, Torque 3d and cryengine but they still lack some things i will need.

    *Is it possible to do this with qt and please is it possible to code/enable directx11 support for qt? *

    I really like the feel of qt and would love it if this is possible.
    Thanks :)

  • Is it just me or does this forum not help :(

  • Hi,
    It's not clear what you are planning to use Qt for.
    (assuming i'ts gui)
    I'm no expert but I seriously doubt that Qt will ease GUI development for DirectX based game for you. Besides, for a project of your scale I think gui will be the least you will worry about :)
    Since you didn't mention networking I think the biggest efforts in your engine will be towards DirectX graphics & Qt won't help you with that.

    IMHO Qt is the best framework for cross platform application development not for Windows/DirectX game engine development

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