Qt on Android: Possibilities to grab frames from a video stream

  • I'm working on a kind of AR application, in which I add additional information to a video stream.

    The additional information is realized as OpenGL overlay on top of the video stream. As the video stream needs to be part of the OpenGL visualization I grabbed the frames from the video streams using a QAbstractVideoSurface and rendered them to the textures used in the OpenGL scene.

    The video stream is a mp4 file played by the QMediaPlayer in C++. The frame grabbing is realized in C++. OpenGL is embedded in the QML Scenegraph using a texture node.

    This approach works on windows, but not on Android.

    According to this page Multimedia Widgets are not supported in Qt on Android:

    "The Qt Multimedia Widgets module is not supported on Android, which means video display is only available using the VideoOutput and Video QML items."

    I couldn't find a possibility to grab frames from the video using the QML types as stated in the quotation above.

    Has anybody an idea how to grab the frames from the video using QML types on Android?

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