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Visual Studio Add-in 1.2.2 for Qt5 can not install!!

  • Hi! I would like to install “the Visual Studio Add-in 1.2.2 for Qt5”, but the program is freezes in the middle of the installation once, and was forced to stop by power-off. Again, I run the Installation program, the Error message as follow appear,
    “ Qt5 Visual Studio Add-in 1.2,2 Set up A previous installation of Qt5 Visual Studio Add-in was detected. Please uninstall it before running this installer “
    I tried to remove and reinstall VS2012, the Qt5.1.1, but the message does not disappear.
    Also. Since there was a directory that I have installed in the HD, the message does not disappear when you remove it.
    I think once I know add-in program installation of what the files to a directory which way, to be able to uninstall the previous ones have installed before the crash.
    Those who have already installed this add-in, or have installed what the file, please tell me some information.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Same with 1.2.3

  • Delete the following registry key :

    cmd -> regedit -> search : QT5 Visual Studio Add-in

    in my case, I found it in : "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Uninstall \ QT5 Visual Studio Add-in 1.2.2 - C: _Program Files_Digia_Qt5VSAddin"

    Delete it -> reinstall VS Add-in

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