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What's best for my old Win XP system? I have MSVS2008.

  • Four days ago I downloaded Qt for the first time, and have had many problems. I am now downloading 5.2 beta with MinGW. My OpenGL support is only up to 1.5, with latest NVIDIA display drivers.

    Should I set up Qt to work with MSVC2008? (I don't know how.)

    Will MinGW work with my outdated openGL?

    Installation finished successfully but Qt Creator crashes immediately.

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    No, Qt 5 requires OpenGL 2 as a minimum. You can install Qt 4. Or - better - upgrade your machine :)

  • I tried it on two other computers:
    Dell Inspiron 4100 - same immediate crash.
    Dell Inspiron 9300 and it did not crash.
    It has openGL 2.0.
    So now to try the tutorials again.
    Thank you.

  • Well now I have a whole new set of problems - please see QTCREATORBUG-10991

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    Well, I do wish you good luck, but I doubt people will be very interested for in fixing stuff for such old hardware.

    You can try Linux+Mesa, it will give you OpenGL 3 through software renderer. Or use Qt4, it should work.

  • Yes, I have already been informed that Qt will no longer support XP.

    There is however, I think useful information in the bug report concerning inconsistencies in the tutorial, that should have nothing to do with my old hardware. I hope someone sees that.

    I am looking into getting a newer computer today.

    I also think that seeing the kind of bugs and crashes I have seen is an indicator that there could be significant problems hiding that may at times manifest on newer hw. It seem unstable, too much random stuff going on. I would feel much better about it if it said things like:

    Error - cannot run with less than ________ RAM


    Requires openGL 2.0 or better.


    Windows ___ is not supported. Do you wish to continue?


    Warning Qt Creator my not run properly with limited memory.

    In other words "crash gracefully"

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