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Knobs 'n' Dials - QML

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    Knobs 'n' Dials - Qt and QML based Knobs and Dials

    Hi All,

    Some time back when browsing here i came across a post where someone wanted to have Knobs like widget. So i thought why not give it a try and have our very own another Qt based fancy knobs.
    Knobs 'n' Dials are simple widgets based on C++ and QML.
    Most of the logic is written in C++ classes (QQuickPaintedItem) and exposed to QML. I've tried to make it customizable in terms of color, dial size, chunk style, meter etc..

    Knobs 'n' Dials can be downloaded from github.
    Any kind of suggestions and feedbacks are welcome.

    Please visit this new site.

    Update: 8 Mar 2015 - Knobs 'n' Dials is now QtKnobs plus some new features.

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    Nicely done, congrats! I looks really good.

    The only concern might be the license, GPL v3 is not perfect ;) But that is still ok.

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    Thanks sierdzio for your appreciation :)
    I was confused about the type of license so just went ahead with it.
    Can you suggest which one will be more suitable ?

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    If you want to allow people to use it in commercial applications, LGPL is a better choice (or GPL v2).

    For some of my projects - just to circumvent the whole license-hassle - I'm using "WTFPL": Nice and easy :D

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    Haha :D that was amazing and people are actually using it.
    would consider that one for my future projects ;)
    As suggested ill re-read both of them once again and apply the more suitable.

    Thank you.

  • This is awesome! I love the simple colored pointer and the value in the middle

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    Glad that you liked it :)

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    Hi again,

    Knobs 'n' Dials is now QtKnobs. It will be now compiled into a Library/Plugin to ease the integration within other projects.
    A little bit of standardization, little bit of c++11, few new features and a brand new library :)
    You can check it out on this new site.
    Feature list and examples included. Let me know if you find any issues.

    Thank you again.

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