Where can I find a simple well explained step by step tutorial on cross compiling Qt5.1.1 full package for BeagleBone Black (BBB)?

  • I have googled a lot to find a a good tutorial on how to cross compile Qt5.1.1 IDE (the full package) for BeagleBone Black on Ångström linux.

    Unfortunately many of the tutorials were either not well explained or complicated that did not suit beginners to understand it.

    I am wondering why there is no already precompiled Qt5.1.1 package available for download and install on BBB, so one could easily install it from Ångström opkg system?

    I have checked few of the RPi tutorials on How to compile Qt for RPi but I was unsuccessful on compiling for RPi, so how can I port it for BBB!?

    I have checked http://www.gpupowered.org/node/24 and tried the instruction for 5.1.1 (version) available on
    https://github.com/prabindh/qt-configs and applying patches on https://github.com/prabindh/qt-configs/tree/master/qt5_1_1_Sep13 and its sub directory linux-arm-gnueabi-ti-g++ but it does not call the linaro compiler instead of gcc.

    How can I fix the issue (I have already installed the ti-SDK that comes with cross compiler toolchain instead of linaro)?

    Which configuration file is going to be used when I run the following configure script (from http://www.gpupowered.org/node/24 [Step 1: Configure]) on qt-everywhere-opensource-src-5.1.1 entry folder?

    Or the one that I copied from Git qt.5.1.1 subdirectory to /qtbase/mkspec/linux-arm-gnueabi-ti-g++ (qmake.conf and qplatformmodefs.h).

    I am tired of trying different online tutorials, is there any plan for BBB to have a well explained beginners Wiki page on Qt , a tutorial on to deal with cross-compiling and compiling issues that one might encounter during compilation of Qt for BBB!


  • Hi,
    This is my understanding (and I may be wrong):

    QT 4.8.5 is released with required patches for embedded Linux. QT5.1.1 does not have the embedded patch.

    Here are the steps to compile QT on embedded:

    I am also interested to know if someone comes and contradicts me, as I would also like to migrate to QT5.1.1 for my BBB projects.


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    You are wrong indeed. In the Qt 4 series, there was the embedded version which provided QWS to run on embedded system using e.g. the frame buffer, DirectFB etc... In Qt 5 it has been replaced by QPA which is the low level abstraction layer but you still have the various backends to run on embedded systems.

    As for the original question, are you sure you are providing the right paths pointing to your cross-compiler ?

  • Thanks SGaist. I was completely ignorant. I will also start switching my workspace to newer platform.

  • Hi,
    Thanks SGaist I think I wrote in wrong forum's section, and I do not know how can I move this topic to its proper section.
    Anyway I copied all the patched files (from tutorial in my first post) and ... to the BBB SD-Card and I tried to compile it there I got errors (I forgot the error context) so I drop the complete compilation of the QT5.1.1 or Qt5.2 on Ångstörm 2013 on BBB.

    Now I would be happy even I could find a a well explained tutorial on
    how to setup BBB Ångström 2013 environment ready for cross compiling Qt Applications with remote debugging capabilities.
    I mean fixing the path and installing all required shares libraries for Qt5.1.1 or Qt5.2 in their respective directories on BBB.
    (I would rather to have Graphical Libraries also installed on BBB)

    Then a short introduction on setting the Qt5.1.1 or Qt5.2 cross-compilation environment on my PC/MAC machine will suffice.

    Thanks in advance

  • Please post additional information about the issues you are facing, specifically as described in - http://gpupowered.org/node/27

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