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  • Why is there no online installer for snapshots (e.g., betas and rcs) like there is for official releases (e.g., qt-windows-opensource-1.4.0-x86-online.exe)? There are 7 different downloads available for Windows (plus 4 for Mac and 4 for Linux) and it's a pain to have to download one snapshot for Android (which, BTW, includes minGW 32 bit but NOT 64 bit), one for msvc 2012 64 bit, etc., and then install each of them, especially when the previous snapshots have to be uninstalled. Is there any way to update Qt Creator other than uninstalling an old version/snapshot and installing a new version/snapshot? The lack of an update facility makes it difficult to use snapshots and provide meaningful, continuous input.

    Changes in the above would make it easier to be more productive and would be beneficial for the Qt project overall.

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    I think it's too much of a burden for the release team, but you can ask them yourself. You can update probably simply by overwriting QtC. I don't use the SDK, but in general it's possible to have multiple versions of Qt installed in parallel, same goes for Qt Creator.

  • I realize that it is possible to have multiple versions of Qt and Qt Creator but that is a waste of space as well as time to uninstall/install. How do I contact the release team?

    BTW, I feel that an update capability is a significant omission.

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    Try reaching them on IRC (in working days preferably. The offices are in Europe). Or - probably better - send an email to the development mailing list. All the info on how to do it is in the contribute section ("link":, see "Support users").

  • Thank you. I'll try that.

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