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Qtcreator gdb boost rtti

  • I've strange runtime warning
    RTTI symbol not found for class 'boost::signals2::signal<void (bool, std::string const&), boost::signals2::optional_last_value<void>, int, std::less<int>, boost::function<void (bool, std::string const&)>, boost::function<void (boost::signals2::connection const&, bool, std::string const&)>, boost::signals2::mutex>'

    that was called when debugging in this part of my code:

    typedef boost::signals2::signal<void(bool, const std::string&)> signal_t;

    void send(const std::string& buff, const signal_t& signal)
    auto async_send = boost::bind(&priv::async_send_handle, shared_from_this(), placeholders::error, boost::ref(signal));
    auto timeout = boost::bind(&priv::check_deadline, shared_from_this(), placeholders::error, boost::ref(signal));

    boost::asio::async_write(sd, buffer(buff), async_send);


    How should I handle this? Thanks for any advice.

    Info: boost v1.54, qtcreator v2.8.1 (non qt project), g++ v4.8.1, gdb v7.5.91.20130417-cvs-ubuntu

    p.s. I run gdb + executable (gdb a.out) without qt and I have not this warnigns.

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